Problems should be paid attention to when converting Gerber files

- Jun 08, 2017-

First, Protel, for, DOS, Gerber should pay attention to the problem

1, D code matching the upper and lower limits should not be too wide, so easy to cause deviation is too large, so that the minimum spacing can not be guaranteed.

2, sometimes the Fill can cause confusion. This should be the D table in the square D code to delete all the re conversion.

3, in the D code does not match, and requires manual matching, we must choose the way 3.

4, in the arc (ARC) conversion, Quality (Arc) is not too small, otherwise it will lead to excessive data, and the edge of the arc is not smooth.

5. The weld extension value may be negative.

6, arc transformation can choose arc description or line description.

The Software, Arcs: and on are straight lines, and the lines are approximated by arcs.

Software, Arcs:, off arc description, the real arc description method.

Arc drawing is best used for a light drawing machine that can accept arc description. In so doing, the Gerber file is small in size and smooth in drawing the edges of the arc.

7, when the D code used exceeds 24, the G54 option should be opened.

8 when the single-sided pad needs punching, open the Options\Single layer Pad Holes project.

9, some software tools can produce fully configured by MAT files D code table.

Two, Protel, for, Windows, Gerber should pay attention to the problem of

1, PFW can automatically generate D code PCB file. But the D table in the D code may be up to hundreds, you should know what is the optical plotting system D code of your capacity.

2, if the use of the D code is not automatically generated by the PFW, the following conditions may lead to error:

In PFW, there may be a pad or line of size 0;

When there is a Relief type pad;

When the D code is not configured.

In the above case, a large D code will appear in the MAT file.

A long octagonal pad 3, PFW, D in the conversion table should not have the D code. Because this definition is not accepted in most existing light rendering systems, this D code can lead to errors. In this case, the filling method should be used to match the D code.

4, the best use of user-defined D code table, and do not use PFW to automatically generate D code table.

Three, PADS, Gerber should pay attention to the problem

1, the default PADS D table in the D code capacity is too small, the need to expand its capacity.

2. Some PADS files need to be filled and converted.

3, because PADS software design circuit particularity, need to pay attention to observe each graph to choose what elements, avoid mistakes, cause to turn out graphics mistakes.

Four, PowerPCB, Gerber should pay attention to the problem

1. Some PowerPCB files need to be filled and converted.

2, PowerPCB is the PADS version of Windows software, so the file conversion is basically the same as PADS, the same problem is the need to pay attention to each observation selects which elements of the graph, to avoid errors caused by the error transfer graph.

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