Process for precise multilayer PCB

- May 28, 2016-

1) multilayer precision printed circuit board (PCB) wire fine, micro hole of, to enhance the on the PCB circuit board processing factory processing equipment and process control requirements, the same is also a test of multilayer precision printed circuit board (PCB) plant overall management and staff of personal ability. 6/6mil line width / line distance production capacity, in the current equipment and materials, as well as the level of process control, there is not much difficulty, most PCB manufacturers can produce. But increased from 6/6mil to 5/5mil, it is a big leap, many small and medium-sized manufacturers despair. Seems to be simple, in fact, this requires the line board manufacturers have a strong technical research and development capabilities and financial strength. Subject to exposure the performance parameters of the machine, line etched on the processing capacity, and the control ability to do 5/5mil line and keep high yield, the overall strength of the factory shall be supported. Similarly, 0.3mm and below the production of the pore size is also the case (0.3mm the following hole can not be used machine drilling, usually laser drilling).

2) to ensure the effectiveness of process detection. PCB as the carrier of all electronic components, its reliability is very important. A little hair, a tiny grain of dust may lead to waste the whole PCB blackboard newspaper, or lead to the potential failure risks. So how to ensure the quality of it? It is generally believed that the quality should be made, in fact, otherwise. If a PCB Factory from the beginning of the design, including the plant layout, determination of process, selection of production equipment, manpower allocation, efficient evaluation of raw materials, the management system of the determination of can starting from the perspective of effective control of quality, according to the common quality problems make corresponding adjustment and control and prevention, and give full consideration to improve production efficiency, then the factory future quality control and production capacity will have good foundation and guarantee. Design work well, that is to control the source, to lay a good foundation, then the next job is not good to do more? This is the most effective way to control the production process and improve the quality of PCB.

3) others, such as bore no copper, green shedding, heavy gold board BGA black pad, welding, PCB manufacturers generally encountered problems, it should be is a benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom. However, PCB board as a special craft products, a collection of mechanical, electrical, automation, chemical, biological, ERP, cost, management, environmental protection and other of the traditional technology and methods, managers need to play great wisdom, employees need to carry forward the spirit to strive to control every detail, the maximum improve the quality control ability and level.

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