Processing and production of PCB circuit board factory

- Jun 01, 2016-

One, PCB circuit board materials caused by different prices

Sheet copper plate, aluminum plate, FR-4, CEM-3, CEM-1, 94vo, 94hb etc., the plate thickness from 0.2mm to 5.0mm ranging, copper thickness from 0.5oz to inactive ingredients different, all of these in the sheet a on resulted in the huge price difference; in the aspect of the solder resist ink, ordinary oil thermosetting and photosensitive green also exist certain price difference and different materials caused price diversity.

Two, PCB circuit board used in the production process of the diversity of prices

Different production processes will result in different costs. Such as gold plate and HASL, make the form of Gong (milling) plate and beer (red) in by screen printing line and dry film line etc. will be the formation of different cost, leading to price diversity.

Three, PCB circuit board itself is difficult to make the price diversity

Even if the same material, the same process, but the PCB circuit board itself is difficult to different costs will result in different. As two kinds of circuit board factory has 1000 holes, a piece of plate aperture is greater than 0.6mm and another piece of plate aperture were less than 0.6mm will form different drilling cost; such as two other circuit board factory are the same, but line width from different, a were greater than 0.2mm, a were less than 0.2mm, also can cause the differences in the costs of production, because the difficulty of the blackboard newspaper waste rate higher, cost is bound to increase, resulting in the diversity of the price.

   Now PCB circuit board has a lot of use, then, with the continuous development of technology, PCB technology, the five major trends have?

1, vigorously develop the high density interconnection technology (HDI) - HDI to reflect the contemporary PCB advanced technology, which gives the PCB a fine wire, micro aperture.

2, with a strong vitality of component embedded technology component buried embedded technology is a revolution of PCB functional integrated circuit, PCB manufacturers to include system design, equipment, testing, simulation, increasing the input of resources to maintain a strong vitality.

3, in line with international standards of PCB materials - high heat resistance, high glass transition temperature (Tg), small thermal expansion coefficient, small medium constant.

4, the prospect of photoelectric PCB is broad - it uses the light path and the circuit layer transmission signal, this new technology is the key to manufacture the light path (optical waveguide layer). Is a kind of organic polymer to form using lithographic photocopying, laser ablation, reactive ion etching method.

5, update the manufacturing process, the introduction of advanced production equipment

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