Quality control of multilayer PCB engineering data

- Oct 27, 2017-

Any small mistake in engineering data may bring great losses to the production of multilayer PCB plates, and a simple processing technique for engineering data will greatly facilitate the production of multilayer PCB plates. Therefore, to improve the quality of production engineering data by increasing the production of engineering data requirements and norms of the basic content and method, engineering data processing system and strengthening the examination of engineering data to strengthen engineering data production process rationalization measures.

Requirements of engineering data for multi layer PCB production

The engineering data of multi layer PCB board must be based on the designer's requirements, so as to make the production more convenient, and make the PCB producers easier and safer to realize the design requirements. Therefore, the designer's requirement for PCB is the ultimate goal of the production of engineering data. The production of engineering data should make full use of the existing equipment resources, processing methods and processing capacity to achieve the technical requirements of the design.

Production process of multi layer PCB engineering data

The making of engineering data is carried out on the CAD/CAM system. First of all, the design content review of the PCB file (including the highest number, plate thickness, line width and minimum distance, minimum finished diameter and plate dimension tolerance, aperture tolerance, special requirements) and Gerber format conversion data confirm CAM system; secondly, in the premise of ensuring the PCB design requirements, according to production capacity and the process capability of the production line, starting from the processing point of view, check the Gerber file to modify each layer of the PCB and DRC was performed on the Gerber file; finally, the PCB graphic unit automatically puzzle by Gerber data, CAM output after optimization of milling and drilling data, flying probe test data and power supply plating manufacturing instructions copper area and write.

Multilayer PCB engineering data requirements of multi-layer PCB board production engineering information is the guiding process of PCB production, on the one hand it to achieve the design goal, on the other hand also meet the maximum production capacity of the production line.

Line layer film production requirements

The circuit layer film includes inner and outer line film.

(1) the design of the non plated through hole or the process hole outside the PCB figure shall ensure the isolation of the inner line and the outer line.

(2) welding ring width check welding ring pad small appropriate compensation, such as to ensure the disc from the pad can not be enlarged, non functional pads removed and design communication and teardrop pad or oblong pads or for use; copper thickness of wire width and line distance appropriate compensation.

(3) the cause of dry film line produced open to add seam; grid on the outer circuit diagram is easy to cause the solder bubble to make treatment; in order to reduce the degree of inhomogeneous coating, outer layer of uneven distribution of graphics to be modified.

In short, the engineering data in ensuring the design requirements of multi-storey PCB board, whether to meet the production line process, production capacity and machinability is an important aspect of Engineering production. So, engineers must process production capacity of each process of production line and enterprise standards must be familiar with the operation process of each process and have a certain degree of understanding, including the engineering change, only to the entire production process of understanding, in order to make the right change and ensure complete change.

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