Reliability of automotive electronic PCB

- Jul 13, 2016-

With all the products under the pressure of the design time and development costs, car parts are no exception. A development practice to electronic products to meet the basic business objectives to provide great help, it is using the virtual prototype of the design analysis, and does not need to cost and time to build a variety of physical prototype, test these models and according to the test results to make incremental modifications. In addition, many factors that affect the reliability of the product can be found after several weeks, months or years of physical damage to the Therefore, the physical prototype of these cases is not a feasible way. Even in the laboratory, it is impossible to accurately reproduce the physical oscillations, thermal environment, vibration and temperature cycle of the number of years.

Simulation is the key

Simulation, or virtual prototyping, has become a more and more important step in the design process. As mentioned above, the simulation not only saves the time and cost of the development process, but also can simulate the more long-term abuse effect in the harsh environment of the car. Just as the Enterprise Expedition, a complex PCB system design solution contains multiple forms of virtual prototyping capabilities, including:

Analysis of the analog and digital signal integrity

- electromagnetic interference

- Thermal Management

The power integrity

- oscillation and vibration

- Design and manufacture

One of the common practice of using all these features is that a good designer will use all the functions throughout the design process, rather than wait until the end (Fig. 1). Until the end of the process, it is not only the result of the simulation to re design, a waste of time and energy and easy to compromise. Integration of the virtual prototype design process will cause excessive design that uses extremely conservative design method), but usually such a result is to increase product cost and loss performance, also can not guarantee sustained reliability. Let us take a look at the product development process, three cases of good virtual prototyping practices.

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