Several hot market PCB demand trends

- Nov 07, 2016-

      Overall, from the number of layers and development direction of PCB, the PCB industry is divided into 6 main products: single panel, double sided board, conventional multilayer board, flexible plate, HDI (high density interconnect) board, packaging substrate and so on. From the product life cycle "- import growth stage to maturity stage - recession" and 4 cycle dimensions, including single and double panel plate due to not suitable for the current trend of application of electronic products short and thin, is in recession, the proportion of output value decreased gradually, developed countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea and I Taiwan has very little in the local production of such products, many manufacturers have made it clear that no longer take single sided. The conventional multilayer board and HDI is a mature product, process capability maturity, higher value-added products, is currently the most main factory to the main direction for PCB, Chinese manufacturers only a handful of ultrasonic electronic master production technology; flexible plate especially high density flexible plate and the rigid plate combination, due to the current technology is not yet mature, failed to achieve a large number of manufacturers for mass production, belonging to the growth stage of the product, but because of its characteristics than the rigid plate is more suitable for digital products, the growth of the flexible plate is very high, all manufacturers in the future development direction. The IC package substrate, either development or manufacturing in the electronics industry in developed countries such as Japan, South Korea is relatively mature, but it is still in the stage of exploration in China, can foresee the future package will have a huge market.

      Specific to the various markets, the first look at the field of mobile devices. Mobile device industry is one of the most challenging and innovative areas, smart phones and tablet PCs is the main growth momentum in the field. Today, smart phones have accounted for 1/3 of the entire mobile phone market, and there is a sustained growth trend, the tablet PC market also shows a strong growth momentum. Analysts predict that there will be a jump in the tablet PC sales growth. At the same time, in the game console or static digital camera, but also to see the PCB HDI products continue to increase demand. In the PCB interconnect density, the PCB product appearance is smaller at the same time, to further increase the complexity of. This field is mainly composed of the field and promote the development of the chip, and the chip size is reduced, the impact of PCB, because PCB must be wiring chip and other components, the main challenge is to make the conductive structure smaller, thinner PCB at the same time, keep the electrical characteristics.

      In the automotive field, to improve the efficiency of the same time, to ensure that the top quality standards, is the main problem in the industry. The development trend of high-tech components increased for high density interconnect microvia and arbitrary order in demand. May see, and drive systems with hybrid components and electric components of the electric transportation electrification, electric power steering lightweight design applications than average growth in terms of security, such as ADAS, brake assist, side and rear camera, car-to-x communication platform application, reliability requirements and strict quality standard PCB. In the automotive sector, the demand for PCB presents four major trends:

Environment: car manufacturers urgently need to reduce vehicle fuel consumption and energy consumption, the new electronic components to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy recovery system is installed, the use of heat recovery power thermal system, therefore, to use heat-resistant PCB thick copper products. This trend will increase the demand for robust structures for PCB products.

Security and information: in the developed car market, the number of applications for entertainment, information and navigation is expected to increase further, a variety of electronic components are integrated into the cab, each component should be equipped with a unique PCB products. With the increase in consumer based functions, to promote the demand for more sophisticated circuit boards, such as: GPS, Bluetooth and DVD, etc.. Although the change is very slow, but high density interconnect microvia and multilayer substrate belong to such high-tech products PCB, high current and the thermal reduction technology is regarded as the field of information technology specialty.

Cost: low cost vehicle demand in emerging countries is large, and the low quality and high safety performance, need solutions to thin PCB based products, such PCB products containing copper is less than the amount of copper in high-end entertainment system. Such relatively simple PCB technologies will coexist with high density interconnect technology, because the share of low-cost vehicles is expected to continue to increase in the next few years - even in industrial countries.

      In the industrial and medical field, different customers have different technical requirements, which is a major feature of the industrial electronics industry. In the field of medical care, reduce the volume and weight is the priority among priorities, especially in areas such as pacemakers and other devices.

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