Several packaging methods of FPC flexible circuit board products

- Aug 04, 2017-

Because the FPC is extremely easy to damage, it is necessary to be careful when it comes to production and packaging. Now we will summarize some commonly used packing methods for your reference.

The first way: plastic bag packaging, also known as flexible bag packaging

Applicable products: large area, simple shape and no SMT requirements of the single panel

Mode of operation: point a good number of products into small plastic bags, add desiccant, hand squeeze air, sealing. Fill in the qualified labels (including material number, quantity, customer name, date, etc.) and put them in storage.

The second way: bubble film packaging

Applicable products: over SMT and double sided sheet shipped by single chip

Mode of operation: first, bake the product (160 degrees 2HR), the purpose is to prevent customer SMT burst board. After cooling, place a good number of products in order and put them into a small bubble film bag and seal tightly with a sealing machine. Take a big bubble film bag, and put a FR2 partition board in the bottom. Arrange the bag in order, put in the desiccant, seal it with the sealing machine, put on the qualified label and pack it into the warehouse.

The third way: vacuum packaging

Applicable products: SMT and set (set) shipped double deck, or continuous (shipment) of the shielding plate.

Mode of operation: between the board and the board using tissue separated from the upper and lower FR2 partition and fixed with a rubber band. Folded products for baking treatment (160 2HR), the shielding plate can not be baked. After baking, put in the desiccant and seal it with a vacuum packer.

Fourth ways: PET film packaging

Applicable products: hollow plate, etc..

Mode of operation: the product is arranged in a sticky PEI double deck film, and then stick to the other side of PET, and then press it with your hands. Pack a pile and place the upper and lower FR2 partitions fixed. Use big plastic bag to install, seal machine, seal, paste qualified label, pack in storage..

The fifth way: Blister packaging.

Applicable products: single PCS products with SMT good components

Mode of operation: the product will be put into the blister tray one by one, and the full set of plates will be stacked interactively. Plastic suction plate can be recycled and recycled like beer box.

Sixth ways:

Applicable products: for small size products.

Operation mode: FPC before punching shape, first support piece stick with weak polyester adhesive in the coating, and the knife mold for cutting half shape processing (embedded punching), so wholly intact to the user, the user can turn off FPC assembly, can also be assembled after the end of the assembly from the polyester film supporting removed. This can greatly improve process efficiency both for FPC and for users.

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