SMT PCB Assembly

- Apr 28, 2016-

Small and medium enterprises usually rely on contract manufacturers to provide the resources, expertise and labor, to launch their products. Our contract manufacturing unit has successfully integrated 10 years of manufacturing and project management experience. In every product PCB assembly plant are in line with the ISO 9001-2000 standard production. It also ensures that the product is manufactured according to customer requirements, environmental and regulatory requirements. We are in a highly competitive industry, mainly due to our strong commitment, to meet customer specifications, quality and delivery on time.

We have served many well-known customers, they focus on marketing and design. Our company's products are mainly used in the fields of consumption, safety, safety, industry, medical treatment, network, automation, measurement, equipment and so on. After many years of work experience, we have made a good reputation in the field of electronic products, reasonable price, rich in resources, delivery on time. Our production facilities include clean plant and advanced high speed SMT production line.

PCBA SMT quotation / production assembly requirements

- Gerber file or PCB file naked PCB board production

BOM (Bill material) for assembly, plug and play (take place files), but also in the location of the assembly parts

To reduce the offer time, please provide us with the part number for each component, the number of each board also for order quantity.

- PCBA test guide or functional testing methods to ensure that the quality of the scrap rate reached nearly 0%

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