Surge in demand for smart products

- Oct 25, 2016-

     In recent years, the market of intelligent electronic products is expanding day by day. The well-known NVIDIA chip company recently announced that it will launch artificial intelligence (AI) core chip chip and unmanned. In addition, Intel is also active in the development of things chip. Overseas analysts believe that smart products demand growth will boost the development of the electronic chip industry, related electronic chip manufacturers performance is expected to increase.

     In China, 27 high-end chips, basic software, the whole application and other key enterprises, well-known institutions and research institutes, recently jointly launched the establishment of China's high-end chip alliance". The union accepted the national integrated circuit industry development leading group office guidance, eco industrial system aims to focus on creating "Architecture - chip - Software - machine - System - information service", to promote the rapid development of the integrated circuit industry. In addition, it is understood that China's independent research and development of high-end chip 'China Rui' 2 DSP chip development work, the current completed the test.

     In recent years, China's chip, memory localization process accelerated, for the integrated circuit industry has played an important role in promoting the development of. In June 20th, Taihu power light super computer Gordon global top 500 list, the processor chip is completely independent intellectual property rights, indicates that the integrated circuit of home-made large open era, the whole industry chain rapid growth period. Memory, purple group and Wuhan new core joint venture Yangtze River Storage Technology Co. Ltd., founded in July 26th in Wuhan East Lake high tech Development Zone was formally incorporated. The Yangtze River stores registered capital of 18 billion 900 million yuan, a period, the two phase of the registered capital of the national integration industry investment fund to participate in the investment, the layout of NAND Flash 3D and other new types of memory areas. The advancement of national storage projects will speed up the process of localization in the field.

     At present, China's integrated circuit market accounted for 60% of the global market, but the self-sufficiency rate of only 27%, there is a large room for improvement. As the most important part of the integrated circuit chip, in the promotion of the national fund, and collaborative alliance high-end chip technology, the industry will usher in rapid development opportunities, and to the industrial chain related operating system to bring the market expansion space.

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