Technical analysis of PCB drilling machine

- Apr 17, 2017-

With the development of electronic information industry, the terminal electronic products are becoming more and more important to the PCB industry. Drilling is one of the most important parts in PCB manufacturing, which has been developed to the minimum pore size of 0.08mm, the minimum pore spacing of 0.1mm or even higher. In addition to the through hole, part of the hole, as well as slot, special-shaped hole, plate shape, etc., need to be checked. How to PCB plate drilling quality detection efficiently and accurately, has become an important part to ensure the quality of products, PCB Jizheng hole inspection is a kind of automatic optical inspection equipment used in drilling quality inspection.

Technical analysis of PCB drilling machine

The role of the hole drilling machine in the PCB drilling process is reflected in the following aspects:

First, efficient, stable drilling quality inspection:

Routine examination: at the minimum diameter is 0.15mm, the speed of 8m/min, at the same time, less porous holes, check, Kong Xiao, debris defects, and mark the position, Review defect image defects, provide decision basis for the artificial.

Quality improvement: stability is the biggest advantage of the equipment, stable product quality can enhance the brand influence of PCB factory, directly improve the ability of manufacturers.

Second, assist production, quality department data statistics analysis:

Cutting tool analysis: PCB can be used to analyze the different drilling tools in the drilling hole diameter deviation, real-time monitoring of the possible wear of the drill tool, the problem of finding the wrong knife in time to avoid the waste plate.

Capacity analysis: can be used to calculate the daily, monthly, quarterly, annual production capacity, average production efficiency, to provide a variety of control means to provide analytical data, improve plant operation and management capabilities.

Machine analysis: Statistics of the production, variety, quality problems of each rig, improve the ability to manage the details of the machine.

Third, cost savings, input-output ratio:

Quality inspection personnel: in ensuring the quality and efficiency of the premise, the 1 inspection machine can save an average of 2~3 inspection personnel.

Raw materials: can save the material cost of the film, for small and medium-sized batch factory more meaningful.

Customer complaints: can save drilling defects caused by the withdrawal of a single, the cost of fines, although not as much as the savings of personnel, materials can be calculated directly, but the average annual cost savings even higher than the cost of procurement of drilling machine.

With the higher quality requirements of the PCB manufacturers for the drilling process, the importance of the hole drilling machine is becoming more and more obvious under the pressure of the increasing labor cost and the ability of manual inspection.

The use time of the drilling machine has been more than ten years, the function and performance of the equipment has been rising, and the production of more and more closely. Especially with the rapid development of high density board, the testing machine has been changed from the original auxiliary equipment to the key equipment. In many of the old PCB plant equipment transformation, the new plant to build, the popularity of the drilling equipment will be higher and higher.

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