The best three directions of electronic components industry in the future

- Oct 26, 2016-

Intelligent hardware, the success of the road, can not stop the virtual reality: intelligent hardware, VR is the next production tools, basic computer technology, not a product. Intelligent hardware is the core cause of the success of social networking, the connection between people. Intelligent hardware market is small and the United States is more suitable for domestic companies. In the next five years, the entire domestic company, this wave of new intelligent hardware will be more than the entire smartphone. From VR point of view, will not go to five years will be accompanied by new intelligent hardware to complete the cycle, in 2020 VR really began to blossom in the social charm.

Gold in the semiconductor industry for ten years, the military is king: the import amount of trillions of industry, the rise of the semiconductor industry to mention the national strategic level! Planning and construction of modern electronic information industry system from 2025 manufacturing countries, support services China manufacturing, information industry at the top of the most urgent breakthrough is the integrated circuit industry, after packaging enterprises, the focus of future development will expand the field of chip and chip design. Semiconductor and chip security is the lowest level of information security, the most significant, the highest value, the semiconductor billion investment funds, investment targets to become the national team in the development of the semiconductor, leading the global asset integration.

The wave of globalization the integration of assets, security operations brewing King: the security industry by the hardware steering operation is industry opportunities, Kang Dahua Transformation Road Anxiao security operations king. Space is expected to operate in the domestic security operations 200 billion, 250 billion U.S. dollars a single foreign body, after the terrorist attacks in Paris, the global security industry investment trends. China security services market is highly fragmented, the region is very obvious, the lack of a nationwide operation of the leading enterprises, the subsequent integration of space is huge.

Automotive electronics new blue ocean: from 3C to Auto: the essence of the smart car is to solve the consumer demand, the consumer demand is driving to save money, so the battery industry chain is the focus. Battery supply chain focus is to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of the company, followed by the automotive intelligence and information technology, there will be a number of high growth companies. More and more evidence that Apple will be expected to launch smart cars in 2017, the plant in 2019, the apple industry chain will have a number of companies to enjoy Apple's car big bonus.

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