The Changeable PCB Quotation

- May 11, 2016-

As far as the plate is concerned, the price is mainly affected by the following points:

1. The plate material: FR-4, CEM-3, this is our common double-sided and multilayer board, his price and the thickness of the plate and the plate middle copper foil thickness and fr-i, CEM-1 these is our common single plate material a, and the material price is higher than the above double-sided, multilayer board vary greatly.

2, plate thickness, the thickness of which we are common: 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 2, 2.4, 3, 3.4, and we are not a big difference in the thickness of the conventional plate.

3, copper platinum thickness will affect the price, copper platinum thickness is generally divided into: 18 (2/1OZ), 35 (1OZ) 70 (2OZ), 105 (3OZ), 140 (4OZ), and so on.

4, raw material suppliers, common and commonly used to have health benefits: the construction of Tao \ \ international etc.

Process cost:

1, to see the PCB circuit board above the line, such as the line close to the fine line (in 4/4mm), then the price will be calculated

2, there is a BGA board, as the cost will be relatively increased, in some places is BGA another calculate how much money a

3, to see what is the surface treatment process, our common: spray tin (HASL), OSP (green board), sprayed pure tin, tin, silver, gold, and so on, of course, surface process, the price will be different.

4, but also the technology standard; we used is: IPC2, but customer requirements will be higher, (such as Japan) our common have: IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, army standard and so on, of course, the higher standard, the price will be higher and higher.

Sold within the PCB circuit board of every piece of printed circuit board (PCB) are customized. Therefore, PCB circuit board offer need to cost accounting, also need to refer to the printed circuit board (PCB) computer automatic imposition calculation, in the standard size of the copper clad laminate typeset material use rate is made of synthetic quote.

PCB circuit board in the cost calculation is all industries is the most special, the most complex, from materials, plate, forming, has been to FQC, packaging, the completion of storage and need to accounting step by step into every process of material cost, labor cost, manufacturing cost basis, according to the product order batch number cumulative cost. And different types of products, the standard rate of the process will be different. For some products such as blind hole plate, heavy plate, pressed copper plate, because of its process or all of the material, the requirements must be used in some special calculation methods. In the same way, the size of the drilling nozzle used in the drilling process will affect the cost of the product, which directly affects the calculation and evaluation of WIP cost and scrap cost.

In addition, PCB line board factory is a OEM customer OEM products, different customers customized products are not the same, there is little sharing of products. On the other hand, out of consideration of quality, some customers may will specify the use of a manufacturer of the substrate, or ink, in order to achieve the quality and cost control requirements.

Fast fish eats the slow, only the rapid response to changes in order to survive

ECN (Engineering Change Notice) change.

PCB circuit board industry products in the production process often appear ECN engineering change, and often at the same time there are internal ECN and external ECN changes (customer engineering documents). Frequent changes in product design ECN, if improper management, resulting in the retirement of the inventory will be very alarming. Therefore, how to plan the application of ECN product design change in ERP system is a very important and important thing.

If whatever ECN change or small changes have changed the material, semi-finished product and finished products that will make personnel of various departments can not figure out each with a different editions of products are compatible, different material, whether can delivery, which will cause many inventory or WIP in the occurrence of ECN product design changes produce unnecessary waste.

How to ensure the delivery period?

PCB circuit board within a short delivery cycle, production management control by orders order to the completion of the production of the entire production process, which requires the ERP system can provide the production scheduling plan and WIP management, in order to ensure the production delivery and customer response rate. Therefore, the key competitive advantages of the PCB is: research, development and engineering, pipe, material control, manufacturing, processing outsourcing link, especially accountable management of on-site production of WIP (work in progress). If the WIP improper control, there will be many mixed version. Loss, stagnation of spin, WIP quantity are not allowed, feeding delay, increased the number of line changes, ambiguous period of mismanagement phenomenon.

PCB circuit board products are different, generally according to the layer number of distinction, a single panel, double sided board, four layers, eight boards, ten laminates and. PCB circuit board products processing materials, process flow, process parameters, testing methods, quality requirements, etc., will be prepared by the preparation of instructions (MI), the production of the Department and the outsourcing unit issued a processing instructions.

For the four layers and the following product, the process is relatively simple, the production process card can be done from scratch the end, midway does not need to conversion process or changing process card. As for more than six boards blind buried orifice plate products, because different inner and outer layers have different circuit diagram, process flow or process parameters, also use different dies, film, and other auxiliary equipment, you need to use different instructions and related documents, in the production process will make different production process card, to control the process and number of the inner layer and the outer layer of manufacturing.

In the production process, multilayer board will have different inner code, in the production process must be distinguished by different coding, and the different production process card to control the production schedule. The PCB circuit board is through the production batch card (LotCard) auxiliary products transfer handover, commonly known as the number of. Due to the production of products, the number of online and hybrid models, thus requiring a number operation, operation scrap and rework operations are simple, fast, fault-tolerant. In the process of implementation, I deeply feel that the universal ERP products are basically unable to deal with the inner and outer layer respectively coding, respectively, over the number, respectively, scrap, respectively, the material of the business.

Generally speaking, the more detailed the production plan, the more information it gives, the more valuable it is, the more difficult it is to calculate accordingly. Production planning is more rough, the less the information, the lower the value. And printed circuit board (PCB) relates to the process is often more complex, a complex process of PCB multilayer engineering data and Mi often need a long time to complete, and delivery to customer requirements often very urgent. For PCB manufacturing industry production management work, belongs to a process of manufacturing mode, so will the spareribs process (run card schedule) management technology. Therefore, in the process of scheduling must pay attention to the following PCB circuit board production process characteristics:

Reflow process

PCB circuit board processing is compared with a representative of the process of processing, unlike the mechanical assembly processing mode, which is mainly composed of a raw material input, input the following accessories, processing technology around the main raw material for processing. And due to the emergence of multi laminate technology, PCB circuit board industry in the production (that is, a repeat of a certain or a certain period of processing) is also more and more see.

Cutting and pressing

Whether it is the front of the substrate processing or after the PCB circuit board output, have to go through a link is constantly cutting. The previous input is a substantial raw cloth, in continuous processing in order to adapt to the needs of subsequent processing, it will continue to cut into a reasonable size so that the subsequent processing. Another process is pressed, both the front-end processing substrate or after multi-layer plate processing machine are required for pressing work, is 2 blocks area shape the same board pressing for a block, in the multilayer board pressing the situation is particularly evident.

Of cutting and pressing the characteristics, processing a certain number of finished product quantity of raw material needs, convert the plate number is the number of platelets, which calculated the raw material input number. But when the waste / waste situation, combined with the father and son, the proportion of materials used to see, sometimes caused by the increase in the workload of the PCB circuit board plant and the process is not smooth.

Single chip scrap

And the assembly industry is different, PCB circuit board scrap in addition to scrap (will be scrapped products removed), there is a so-called scrap. Reason lies in the pressing process is usually for plate and a big plate usually produce varying amounts of eventual monolithic products. When in the pressing process before there are flaws, resulting in a single panel a or B on a poor quality, production personnel impossible simply the plate abandoned, but continued to use the material, but in view of the single panel recorded a single scrap quantity.

Finally, the PCB circuit board industry is a foundry industry, product design changes are very frequent, often change the version. Once the customer has changed the version, the manufacturing instruction and process flow card also cooperate with the change, and may even be part of the change, some do not change the situation.

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