The Importance of PCB devices

- May 03, 2016-

China PCB is not strong enough to one of the reasons is PCB industry high-end instrument equipment is still in a backward state, domestic equipment accuracy, performance, reliability and abroad there is still a gap, cause we chang Dongxin circuit board a lot of equipment still have to rely on imports, not only so that we ZITROK, many PCB Factory is, such a result will control the industry development.

Therefore, the future demand of high-end PCB equipment capacity, research and development of high-end equipment imminent. Domestic PCB equipment as long as the performance of similar, with cost and after-sales service and other advantages of the formation of the local environment, and establish a national brand, domestic equipment and equipment accounted for a substantial increase in market share is inevitable.

Finally, we call for industry all the instruments and equipment of enterprises, we unite, overcome various difficulties, the gap between the overall level of relationship and foreign PCB equipment, do do greatly strong national brand, create a powerhouse of PCB industry.

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