The laser marking machine technology of PCB circuit board is described briefly.

- Jul 07, 2016-

PCB laser marking machine is a special type of special machine used for marking the information of bar code, two-dimensional code and characters, graphics and other information on the printed circuit board. Integrated high performance CO2/Fiber light source, as well as high pixel import CCD camera, with micron level mobile module, to achieve the automatic positioning of the code before coding and code reading, rating.

The machine through independent research and development of special software, you can achieve the docking with the customer information system. Marking information can be automatically generated by the software system, but also can be received through the network. Can be combined with the SMT production line online operation, can also be combined with the automatic up and down board machine to form an off-line workstation.

According to the demands of different customers, the standard plane for the customer to choose: single laser head processing system corresponding to the PCB board single-sided marking Bote laser three existing PCB configuration marking; dual laser head processing system and a single excitation head turn board processing system corresponding to the PCB double-sided marking.


1, high performance imported CO2/Fiber laser, the beam quality is good, the focus spot is small, the power distribution is even;

2, high precision imported CCD automatic positioning, read code, rating;

3, using the Longmen type structure, the whole structure is firm and stable; the guide rail adopts the synchronous belt transmission, to ensure the service life of the equipment and the operation precision;

4, with different products, can realize automatic focusing and automatic adjustment of track width, reduce the time of line change.

Application: This machine is suitable for all kinds of PCB board online or offline marking.

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