Those factors which affect the PCB quality

- May 20, 2016-

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, circuit board as the main part of the electronic products, the attendant is circuit board industry, the rapid development, industry competition becomes more intense, a lot of circuit board manufacturers are through a variety of ways to carry out circuit board manufacturing cost, can be a very good control of the market price, to capture the market opportunities, but with a lot of circuit board manufacturers in order to reduce costs and unscrupulous, but often neglect the checks of the quality of circuit board. I have to share with you some of the circuit board industry's internal details and even confidential things, so that we can make the right choice in the selection of circuit board manufacturers.

Circuit board in the process of work is often accompanied by the emergence of some problems, such as green off, circuit board circuit, welding disc separation and open circuit of the circuit board. Circuit board appear the reason as long as the cause of circuit board manufacturers is not responsible for the use of inferior raw materials, production process backward technology, technical standards, management of osteoporosis, production process backward related causes.

1 production process technology department:

Production process technology is generally appear in small factories, the main reason is because of funding problems. We all know the circuit board as a high-tech electronic products, in the circuit board production process involves a lot of high-tech production processes, mechanics, electroplating, chemical and other related academic knowledge, the circuit board in the process of the production process is than more complex, the products of each to process must according to the strict requirements on the production process of products, but also need to equipped with some professional inspection instruments to check whether the product is qualified to.

2 production equipment

Circuit board production equipment behind some small manufacturers is the existence of such a problem. Circuit board equipment is to ensure the quality of the circuit board from the hardware, increase investment in equipment, so that the device to achieve efficient and fast is the basic way to enhance the quality of the circuit board. With the improvement of science and technology, the circuit equipment is becoming more and more rapid, more and more advanced equipment, of course, the price will be more and more expensive. This led to a small road board plant is not the ability to add more expensive production equipment, thus leading to the growing demand for personnel. Circuit board factory management difficulty will be greatly added.

3 inferior raw materials

The quality of raw materials is good or bad is the guarantee of the quality of circuit board, if the material does not pass even if the process in good, produced by the circuit board will also appear cracking, delamination, bubbles, and other related issues, and now more hidden is a lot of circuit board manufacturers in order to achieve low cost, the general genuine new material and abandoned the old material. The hidden danger of this is that it does not know which batch will be a problem. Because of the characteristics of the use of the circuit board is different, some of the circuit board to the quality of the requirements are relatively high. So some of the leftover material used on this occasion and showed the obvious problem, so let many manufacturers have tasted the sweetness, and at the same time, because the price is lower than the market average price to win the customer's preference. More to encourage the circuit board plant to continue this adventure. In the long run, if the substrate problem leads to product quality problems, often is a huge loss, and sometimes can not save the company's reputation and brand.

4 management confusion:

Circuit board production process related to the production process is more complex, cycle is long, how can better control of the production process, program management, also need to will be reduced to the cost management of the maximum, which for the circuit board manufacturers is a problem difficult to solve, to well solve these problems need is the accumulation of circuit board manufacturers of long-term experience, along with the Internet rapid development, management departments also need to use network information to the traditional circuit board factory scientific management.

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