Three tips to reduce the risk of PCB design

- Mar 02, 2017-

PCB design process, if we can predict the possible risks ahead of time, to avoid, PCB design success rate will be greatly improved. A lot of the valuation of the company when the project will have a PCB design a success rate index.

To improve the success rate of a key lies in signal integrity design. The current electronic system design, there are a lot of product solutions, chip manufacturers have done a good job, including the use of what chips, how to build the external circuit, etc.. Hardware engineers often do not need to consider the problem of circuit theory, just need to do their own PCB out.

But it is in the PCB design process, many companies have encountered a problem, or PCB designed unstable, or do not work. For large enterprises, many chip manufacturers will provide technical support for PCB design guidance. But some small and medium enterprises are difficult to support this regard. Therefore, it is necessary to find ways to complete their own, resulting in a number of problems, may need to play a few versions, debugging for a long time. In fact, if you understand the design method of the system, these can be avoided. Next, we will talk about three tips to reduce the risk of PCB design.

First, the best stage of the system planning to consider the integrity of the signal, the whole system to build this way, the signal from a piece of PCB to another piece of PCB can correctly receive? This is to be assessed in the early stage, and the assessment of this problem is not very difficult to understand a little knowledge of signal integrity, will be able to do a little simple software operation.

Second, in the PCB design process, evaluate the use of simulation software specific line, observe the signal quality can meet the requirements of this simulation process itself is very simple, the key is to understand the principle of signal integrity knowledge, and used to guide.

Third, do PCB process, we must carry out risk control. There are many problems, there is no way to solve the simulation software, designers must be controlled. The key to this step is to understand where there will be risks, how to do to avoid risks, the need for signal integrity knowledge.

The design process of PCB if you can grasp these 3 points, then the PCB design will greatly decrease the risk, the probability of error will be returned after a much smaller, debugging is relatively easy.

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