To explore the dynamics of domestic PCB industry Internet plus mode

- Oct 17, 2016-

      Chemical reagent industry leading enterprises, domestic PCB chemical industry leading technology companies, to explore the "Internet plus" mode. Guanghua Science and technology is the domestic PCB chemical industry leading enterprises and chemical reagent industry leading enterprises, mainly engaged in PCB chemicals, chemical reagents and other special chemical research and development, production, sales and service, and the establishment of the PCB manufacturing process and complete system of wet chemicals. 2014 operating income of 773 million 581 thousand and 700 yuan, net profit of 67 million 838 thousand and 300 yuan, of which PCB chemicals and chemical reagents sales accounted for 96.86% of total revenue, the main source of income of the company. The company is actively exploring new business model, its JHD e-commerce platform has been on-line operation in the mid 2014, after nearly a year of operations, good performance, has accumulated a good customer resources and operational management experience. Companies to make full use of big data, improve transaction efficiency, reduce transaction costs, expand the scale of sales.

      To maintain the market share and position of the PCB chemical industry, the industry has a good prospect. PCB chemicals are all kinds of chemicals needed in the production process of PCB board, and it is a special chemical material used in the electronics industry. Our country at present mainly engaged in the PCB chemical business enterprise has 140~150, the industry is scattered, the concentration is low, the market value of domestic PCB chemicals in 2013 reached 14 billion 889 million yuan. In recent years, the growth rate of PCB chemicals to maintain 15%~22%, the market share of 2.82%, is the highest in the domestic PCB chemicals market share of the enterprise. With the rapid development of the vigorous development of the electronics industry, networking, mobile Internet technology, provides a broad market demand for PCB chemicals PCB chemicals market size will continue to expand, and big industry, the characteristics of small company, so that the industry exists in moderate increase, industry consolidation is expected, PCB chemicals it is becoming one of the fastest and most active areas of the development of China's chemical industry.

      Chemical reagent industry leading enterprises, industry concentration gradually increased, the steady growth of market size. Chemical reagent is the relative standard of chemical research and chemical composition analysis. It is widely used in the synthesis, separation, qualitative and quantitative analysis of substances. The number of chemical enterprises in China engaged in many, but generally smaller scale, the annual sales of billions of dollars the company has not yet formed a few, large enterprises in a monopoly position. 2009 domestic chemical reagent industry market size of about 8 billion yuan, the company's market share of about 3%, ranking fifth in the industry. Along with the Chinese medicine group, West long chemical and the company rise in domestic chemical enterprises, domestic reagent products market share increased gradually. At present, China's chemical reagents commonly used about 2 kinds, with the development of science and technology is still increasing, while domestic production is now less than 7000 varieties, especially high pure reagents and other high-end reagent market gap is bigger, the expected future chemical reagent industry market will maintain a growth rate of 11% or so years.

      Equity investment projects will significantly improve the company's production capacity, performance will be significantly improved. Company equity investment projects are mainly reported annual output of 10 thousand tons of electronic chemical expansion project, enterprise technology center to upgrade the project, to supplement working capital and repayment of bank loans and other three projects, with a total investment of about 328 million yuan. In 2012~2014, the company's PCB chemicals capacity utilization rate was 107.36%, 101.09% and 96.84%, the chemical reagent capacity utilization rate was 118.10%, 119.08% and 116.74%. Equity investment projects mainly focus on the main business of the company, by increasing production capacity, improve the level of product technology, optimize product structure, enhance the technical research and development capabilities, to further enhance the company's core competitiveness, improve the company's market share.

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