What is a wafer?

- Aug 10, 2016-

   Wafer (wafer), is the basis for the manufacture of all kinds of computer chips. We can compare the chip to build a house with Lego building blocks, with layer by layer of the stack, to complete their desired shape (that is, all kinds of chips). However, if there is no good foundation, the house will be covered with a crooked, not to their own meaning, in order to make the perfect house, they need a smooth substrate. For the chip manufacturing, this substrate is the next description of the wafer.

   How to make a single crystal wafer

Purification is divided into two stages, the first step is the metallurgical grade purification, this process is mainly to add carbon, in the way of oxidation reduction, silicon oxide is converted into more than 98% purity of silicon. Most of the metal extraction, such as iron or copper and other metals, are used in such a way to get enough purity of the metal. However, 98% for chip manufacturing is still not enough, still need to be further enhanced. Therefore, Siemens will be further used to purify the process (process), so that the semiconductor process will be required for high purity polysilicon.

   However, 8 inch, 12 inch and what does it mean? He refers to is we produce crystal column, looks like part of the pencil holder, surface treated and cut into thin circular pieces of diameter. As for the manufacture of large wafers and what is the difficulty? As mentioned earlier, the process of making a crystal column is like making a cotton candy. Made of cotton candy, should know to make great and solid cotton candy is very difficult, and the pulling process is the same, rotating pulling speed and temperature control will affect the quality of the columnar crystal. Therefore, when the larger size, pulling on the velocity and temperature is higher. Therefore, in order to make the difficulty of the high quality of the 12 inch wafer is 8 inch wafer also come high.

But a whole silicon pillars and cannot be made into chip manufacturing the substrate, in order to produce a piece of silicon wafer, then you need to to diamond cutter will silicon crystal column transverse slices, wafer and by polishing can form required for the manufacture of chip of silicon wafer. After so many steps, of the chip to substrate manufacturing will be accomplished, the next step is the stack of the house steps, is the chip manufacturing. As for how to make the chip?

Stacked layers of chips

   After introducing the silicon wafer is something, at the same time, it is also known that the manufacture of IC chips is like building a house with Lego, with a layer of layer by layer of the stack, to create their own desired shape. However, there are quite a number of steps to build a house, IC manufacturing is the same, what are the steps to manufacture IC? This article will be on the IC chip manufacturing process to do the introduction.

   Before we start, we need to know what the IC chip is. IC, full name integrated circuit (Circuit Integrated), by its name can be known that it will be a good design of the circuit, in order to stack together. With this method, we can reduce the area required to connect the circuit. The following figure for the IC circuit diagram, can be seen from the figure that it is the structure of the house Liang Hezhu, one layer of the stack, which is why the IC will be compared to build a house.

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