What is the process of PCB circuit board corrosion

- Apr 05, 2017-

The PCB circuit board is widely used in electronics, computer, electrical appliances, machinery and equipment industries, it is the support body components, mainly used to provide electrical connection components, one of the most common and widely used 4 layer and 6 layer circuit board, according to industry application can choose PCB layers in different degrees.

Printed circuit board:

Also called the printed circuit board, printed circuit board, referred to as the printed circuit board, English PCB (printed circuit board), with an insulating board as base material, cut to size, which is at least a conductive pattern, and cloth with a hole, used to replace the previous device of electronic components of the chassis, and realize mutual connection between electronic components. Because this kind of board is made by electronic printing, it is called "printed" circuit board. It is customary to say that the printed circuit board is "printed circuit" is not accurate, because there is no printed element on the printed circuit board, but only wiring.

PCB circuit board is an important electronic component, is the support of electronic components. Automatic soldering machine for PCB circuit board to provide technical support, so that the development of electronic components can be improved. However, PBC circuit board corrosion problem has been plagued by automatic soldering businesses, Luen Hing Wah electronic through years of accumulated experience, research solutions PCB circuit board corrosion problems.

What is the process of PCB circuit board corrosion:

The corrosion liquid is usually made of ferric chloride and water, the ferric chloride is a solid yellow earth, and it is easy to absorb the moisture in the air. The allocation of ferric chloride solution is generally 40% ferric chloride and 60% water, of course, with warm water or more ferric chloride, the reaction faster that ferric chloride has a certain resistance, try not to touch the skin and clothing, cheap plastic pots used in the reaction vessel, and put it under the board.

From the edge of the corrosion of the PCB circuit board, when the paint is not painted copper foil after corrosion should be taken out of the circuit board in time, so as to prevent the paint off after the erosion of useful lines. Then rinse with water, by the way, such as bamboo scrape paint. And then dry, polished with sandpaper, revealing a shiny copper foil, a printed circuit board to do a good job. In order to save the results, usually polished PCB board with good solution of rosin coated again, can help, and can prevent the oxidation of.

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