What protective films are used on flexible circuit boards ?

- Jul 19, 2017-

What protective film is used on the flexible circuit board FPC board to protect it? Not only dustproof, anti fouling, anti-static, but also effectively fit the board surface, anti-static PET protective film is most appropriate.

Flexible circuit board is also called "soft board", that is FPC board. A printed circuit made of flexible insulating material. Flexible circuits provide excellent electrical performance, meet the design requirements for smaller and higher density installations, and also help to reduce assembly processes and enhance reliability. Flexible circuit board is the only solution to meet the requirements of miniaturization and movement of electronic products. Free bending, winding and folding, can withstand the dynamic bending of millions of times and without damage to the conductor can be arranged in accordance with the requirements of space layout, and any move in three-dimensional space and any expansion, so as to achieve the integration of components and assembly connecting wire; the flexible circuit board can greatly reduce the volume and weight of electronic products, the need for electronic products to the development of high density, miniaturization, high reliability direction.

Therefore, FPC board has been widely used in aerospace, military, mobile communications, portable computers, computer peripherals, PDA, digital cameras and other fields or products.

But the FPC board is prone to static breakdown in the production process. To solve this problem mainly rely on anti static pad on the market, but this product by static agent Tim within and migrate to the pad surface, and then the air is absorbed water molecules to form a conductive path, thereby antistatic effect on FPC plate, while the product is easily affected by air humidity and other environmental factors, the effect of electrostatic discharge difference. Especially in the dry climate in the north area, the surface resistance value increased with the passage of time, anti-static index decay more quickly, caused by electrostatic discharge instability, so easy to breakdown FPC board circuit chip, resulting in equipment damage. At the same time, the product can not be transported with the FPC board, can not play a protective role at any time. In the application link, the defect is very obvious, and it can't meet the requirement of FPC board development technology.

Now FPC is in a small but rapid development. Polymer thick film method is an efficient and low cost process. The process is used on inexpensive flexible substrates to selectively print electrically conductive polymer inks. Its representative flexible substrate is PET. Polymer thick film method conductors include screen printing metal filler or carbon powder filler. The polymer thick film method itself is very clean and uses lead-free SMT adhesives without etching. Because of its additive process and low cost of substrate, the polymer thick film circuit is 1/10 of copper polyimide film circuit price; the price of rigid circuit board is 1/2 ~ 1/3. Polymer thick film method, especially for control panel of equipment. In mobile phones and other portable products, the polymer thick film method is suitable for converting components, switches and lighting devices on printed circuit boards into polymer thick film circuits. Both cost savings, but also reduce energy consumption.

Application of anti electrostatic PET protective film in the "on the market prospects are very broad, flexible circuit board properties: transparent antistatic PET protective film is soft, with hardness of FPC plate and almost transparent to the surface can be observed in the FPC process requirements, and not contacted with outside air, of course will not produce static electricity and dust. Because antistatic coating has antistatic coating on both sides, it will not generate static electricity when it is separated from FPC board. Of course, it will not break the chip on the circuit of FPC board. 

The utility model not only solves the static electricity generated during the transportation of the FPC board, but also can be adhered and transparent without the influence of air, humidity and other environmental factors. The products can be widely used in the semiconductor industry, LCD industry, electronic equipment and electronic equipment industry, electronic and electrical, communication manufacturing, precision instruments, optical manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry and biological engineering and other industrial fields and high-speed rail cars, hospitals, families, office areas, used in industrial production workshop, laboratory, computer room, and hospital operation room, CT, CCU, ICU, X - ray room ward floor, table and wall panel etc..

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