which benefits Intelligent manufacturing can give for PCB circuit board

- Aug 29, 2016-

     Both German industrial 4.0, the American Internet industry or China's intelligent manufacturing 2025. Its core is intelligent manufacturing, why these countries are redoubling its efforts to intensify its manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading for intelligent manufacturing pace? There is no doubt that intelligent manufacturing can really bring value to the production enterprise, so as to enhance the country's comprehensive national strength, which country's faster, it means that the economic growth rate will be faster.

     Intelligent manufacturing in the end be able to bring the value of PCB enterprise? The Internet of things in intelligent manufacturing plays a key role in the value chain, the use of the Internet of things technology can be collected control component of the factories and enterprises, production parts and automatic production line manufacturing line data information, so that the factory management can make a more intelligent decisions based on data information, thus forming the wisdom of plants, intelligent manufacturing and other popular concept.

     Of course, in this process, the industrial machine technology and the upper level of industrial software technology is also contributed to the work. In addition, networking through combined with the Internet can be simultaneously connected to manufacturing factories and enterprises in the supply and demand chain, managers and operators can at any time according to the external environment changes in the market demand, timely adjust production plan of factory www.pcblover.com, realize flexible manufacturing and ultimately enhance plant response ability and the production efficiency, shorten the product life cycle, improve asset utilization rate, and reduce the waste of resources risk. This is the intelligent manufacturing brings the value.

     Flexible manufacturing not only so that the workshop can always switch between different types of different kinds of products the production operation, and can realize from to according to customer orders to arrange the production process, at present this kind of flexible production has manufacturing plant in a number of automobile manufacturing, electronic production line landing.

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