Which direction of innovation is the SMT device being upgraded?

- Jun 28, 2017-

With the increasingly miniaturization of electronic products, IC, CPU and other integrated degree is getting higher and higher, manufacturing industry is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading, electronic product design is changing with each passing day, and the intelligent and automation become the development trend of the enterprise. Surface mount technology (SMT) as a new generation of electronics assembly technology, rapid development in the past ten years, a wide range of applications in various fields has penetrated into various industries, and, in many areas has been partly or completely replaced the traditional circuit board through-hole technology. The process can be broadly divided into: printing, SMT, welding and testing. With its own characteristics and advantages, SMT technology has made a radical and revolutionary change in the electronic assembly technology.

High precision printing, good SMT production of the first pass

As the first working procedure of SMT, SMT printing has a great influence on the qualified rate of SMT products. One of the important factors affecting the solder paste printing quality is the part of the printing machine motion control precision, at present SMT products to high yield and "zero defect" direction of development, in production, printing machine needs long time stable uninterrupted high-speed operation, which put forward a very high request to the running speed, the motion control system's stability and reliability, the printing assembly manufacturers innovative technology is constantly challenge the limits of the quality and efficiency of production.

Focus on SMT full line production, SMT Mounter high performance, high efficiency, high integration

The placement machine is used to achieve high speed, high precision, automatic placement of components of the equipment, related to the accuracy and efficiency of SMT production line, SMT production line is the most demanding equipment, key technology and stability, more than half of the whole production line investment, the development trend of "three high availability to sum up, four high performance, high efficiency, high integration, flexible, intelligent, green, diversification. With the miniaturization of electronic devices, a variety of high functional requirements for high density and complex in Mount form higher than it is now, especially for SMD and semiconductor hybrid mount requirements are increasing.

High quality and green counterparts, SMT reflow emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection

SMT reflow solder joint is formed by re melting solder surface pre placed, a welding method did not add any additional solder in the welding process, the heating circuit inside the device, blow to the already posted components of the circuit board will air or nitrogen is heated to a high temperature, let the solderrun elements on both sides after bonding with the motherboard, has become the mainstream technology of SMT. Most of the components on the board are soldered to the circuit board by this process.

In recent years, the rise of all kinds of intelligent terminal equipment makes the packaging miniaturization and assembly of high-density, and various new packaging technology more excellence, the quality of circuit assembly requirements are getting higher and higher. Compared with manual inspection, automatic optical inspection, ICT testing, functional testing (FCT) and the first detection method, X-RAY technique has more advantages, widely used in SMT, LED, BGA, CSP flip chip detection, semiconductor, packaging components, lithium industry, electronic components, automotive parts, photovoltaic industry aluminum, die casting, molded plastic, ceramic products and other special industries detection.

X-RAY all inspection equipment, whether it is two-dimensional or three-dimensional system is the basic principle of X- ray projection microscope, it can make the detection system get higher promotion, improve the "pass rate" and strive for the goal of "zero defect", especially the SMT first piece inspection can as soon as possible is the production of the factors that affect the quality of in the prevention of the bulk of the bad or scrap.

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