Design Principle And Display Analysis Of Double Street Lamp

- Jan 29, 2018-

Double energy lamp can use of solar power generation and rain, solved by rain but not on the drawbacks of solar power, solar tracking system to capture the most favorable point of view, improve the utilization rate of solar energy, resource conservation, environmental protection, substantive technology has the characteristics of energy saving and emission reduction.

Development background of double street lamp

Most of the existing street lamps rely on solar panels to generate electricity, not only with the low efficiency of the solar energy, but also that the street lamps can not generate electricity on their own whenever it rains. To solve these two problems, double section street lamps add a reflector on the basis of solar panels, that is, automatically tracking the sunlight, can reflect the sunlight around the panels, and make more efficient use of solar energy. In addition, when it rains, the street lamp can also collect rainwater to the maximum extent, and can also use rainwater to generate electricity on rainy days.

Design and display of double street lamp

(1) the whole show: a plastic cone reflecting device, a battery plate with round in the round table reflecting device, battery plate and cone reflecting device is parallel to the bottom surface, front panels at the round table reflecting device wide mouth, in the round table reflecting device wide mouth to the inner cone reflecting device between electricity cell plate affixed reflective foil, according to the principle of light reflection so that sufficient irradiation can reflected to the panels in the inner cone reflecting device of the sun. At the same time, the device also can collect rainwater, which housed a water tank at the bottom of the battery plate, the bottom of the water tank is connected with a water pipe, placed at the bottom of the pipe and water turbine generator, the generator is driven by gravity and rain free fall, in order to achieve the use of rainwater for power generation, as shown in figure 1.

Design principle and display analysis of double street lamp

(2): photosensitive electrical control stepper motor control module, realize the sun tracking; rainwater collection module, stepper motor control, ensure that when it rains the panels can maintain the level of maximum rainwater collection; photosensitive control module control the lights automatically start in cloudy and dark.

(3) round table reflector and rainwater collection device: the angle between the oblique surface of the reflector and the battery plate is 120 degrees, the height of the reflector is 10 centimeters, which ensures that the reflected light can be irradiated on the solar panel when the vertical sunlight is irradiated. In the light of the sun, the sun's light tracking system ensures that the sunlight around the solar panel is always reflected on the battery board. When it rains, the single-chip computer controls stepper motor operation, so that the solar panel reflector is placed horizontally, so the platform reflector becomes a rainwater collection device, and then stores the rainwater to the water tank, and makes use of the potential energy of rainwater to prepare for the generator to generate electricity.

(4) water tank and street lamp: the water tank is designed to be a back type, with support support, so that the water tank can be balanced when it has water. The lower part of the water tank is connected with a water pipe, and a buoy is arranged at the side of the water tank. When the water level reaches a certain height, because of the buoyancy effect of the buoy, the connecting rod opens the water pipe switch and drives the generator to generate electricity from the water flowing under the water pipe. We put the lamp under the water tank, the lamp is controlled by the photosensitive resistance module. When the color darkens, the street lamp opens automatically.

When there is sunlight, the panel can track sunlight, ensure that sunlight is always perpendicular to the battery panel, and the round table reflector can make the surrounding sunlight reflect on the battery panel, and make solar energy more efficient. When it comes to rainy days or night, we use photodiode and MCU control system to make the battery board always in a horizontal state, so that the circular reflector becomes the water tank for collecting rainwater. When it rains, the rain water tank through the cone reflector slowly flows below the solar panels, because we have a buoy in the side of the water tank, using the lever principle, when the water tank below the water level in the water tank reaches a certain height and buoy linked self starting switch will be opened and the connecting rod, the rainwater out along the pipeline on. You can drive the generator to generate electricity.

Double energy advantages: energy saving lamps, using a photosensitive resistance control module to control two stepper motor to achieve solar panels to track the sun, and the panels around enough sunlight reflected to the panels using the principle of light reflection; two, using energy-saving rainwater collection module in the rain to maintain the level of the battery plate and the collected rainwater converge to the water tank, when the water potential reaches a predetermined value, the water can rotate with the impeller for power generation. In addition, the light control module can also automatically control the lighting of street lamps. Although the traditional solar street lamp is a kind of green energy products, but in the overcast weather, it is difficult to achieve the normal operation of the lamp, especially for the southern rainy regions, it is necessary to develop a new type of energy-saving lamps, energy saving lamps and double energy comprehensive utilization of solar energy and water and rain, a solar tracking device, can solar and rain can effectively use, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction has a significant effect.

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