Innovation Testing Based On Wireless Technology And Mass Production

- Jan 29, 2018-

Providing testing schemes for mass production is getting more and more attention from the testing manufacturers. At present, China's wireless equipment market is in a high-speed growth stage. With the centralized application of new wireless technologies such as LTE and NFC in intelligent devices, China's wireless equipment suppliers are facing pressure from the latest wireless technology test demand and mass production test demand.

Test optimization of hot wireless technology

With regard to the current popular wireless technology in China, LitePoint has highly optimized its production and testing solutions based on LTE (LTE-FDD, TD-LTE and LTE-Advanced) and NFC. Curtis Schmidek said that as early as 2010, LitePoint launched the IQxstream cellular mobile communication technology test system, which can calibrate and verify up to 8 tested devices, so that the test throughput is increased by more than 10 times than that based on signaling. At present, LitePoint's latest optimized IQxstream multi DUT test solution can support many standards including GSM, EDGE, CDMA2000, WCMDA, LTE-FDD, TD-LTE, GPS, GLONASS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Near field communication (NFC) is a technology that will bring billions of payments. It must be corrected and tested to ensure the normal conduct of payment transactions. But the commonly used tests can only be used for NFC circuits in the measured devices.

The function carries out a general go/no-go (qualified / unqualified) test. The manufacturers are in a dangerous situation, that is, the performance of their products is large, or they just pass the test, but they may not be used in the actual working environment. In addition, in the production process, if the performance of the first 1000 devices is passed, but there is a gradual downward trend, which means there is a certain variation factor in the production process. What should we do? LitePoint parameter test using the IQnfc tester, can make a big difference. The above problems can be found before they appear and affect the quality of a large number of products. In addition, IQnfc can collect these parameterized data in just a few seconds, almost the same as the go/no-go test time.

The time of the market and the cost of testing are the most important issues in China's mass production enterprises. In this regard, Mr. Curtis Schmidek introduced to provide the overall solution to speed up the time of customer product launch, and provide better overall test economy (i.e. lower total cost of testing), which is a consistent pursuit of LitePoint when making product strategy.

Time to market of products

In the design of new products, the "design quality" should always be the goal of equipment manufacturing, but the development cycle of intelligent devices is decreasing. Products usually need to be transferred from design to production department in a short time, so that they can be put into production quickly. In order to improve the output and guarantee the quality in such a short time, it is very important to implement a comprehensive calibration and testing process. According to Mr. Curtis Schmidek, during the phase of R & D, enterprises will face many problems, such as spending a lot of time and resources for developing new wireless chips, and whether the test results are accurate or not. The wireless connection test LitePoint solution is the benchmark platform in the industry, the global semiconductor suppliers are the main quality verification platform in the use of these solutions on their own, so to ensure the accuracy of the test, so as to help enterprises quickly and successfully put into production.

Overall test economic considerations

From the cost perspective of equipment testing in the production environment, the higher test throughput (UPH) test solution is always the first choice for LitePoint. In the period of 2 years to 5 years, the operation cost is usually five times higher than that of capital expenditure. With the increase of labor cost in China, the multiplier is even bigger. It is more important for the enterprise to test efficiency than the cost of the tester.

At the same time, in order to ensure the high utilization rate in the production environment, testing the durability of the product is also an important assessment standard. Compared with the laboratory environment, the production environment is a more demanding working environment for the tester. The screen, the operation button and the knob are easily broken, and some of the damage can not be found in time, and the instrument can not be used for several hours or even days. LitePoint realized this limitation from the beginning of its design. Its production solution has strong structure, concise and durable control and connection interface, and intelligent cooling way. All of this is to achieve the highest use of equipment and the lowest maintenance cost in the factory environment.

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